About Me

Hi I’m Grace

I’ve had a vast fascination with fitness and nutrition for as long as I can remember. As a young woman, I would invest a large chunk of my time into learning about the science of nutrition and the effects it has on our sacred vessel, the body. Fitness has always sparked an interest within me. As a child, you could find me running on the soccer field amongst the sea of boys during recess. I eventually coined the nickname “fast girl” because I’d out run the class with the exception of one little boy whose name is long forgotten within the frame of my memory. Growing up, my family didn’t have the means to be able to enjoy the luxury of putting me in soccer lessons, dance, or boxing (I fought hard for this one). This steered me towards fitness as I soon developed the thirst to expand my knowledge in nutrition and in finding healthy ways of moving my body in order to obtain my desired body goals. Till this day I am just as passionate about expanding my knowledge on nutrition and fitness and sharing with you what I’ve learned along my journey. Stay tuned for healthy recipes and effective workout tips along with soul enriching thought pieces!

The Blog

I was taught that knowledge is power, if that’s the case then being informed on nutrition means you hold the power to help your overall health and wellbeing. This is why my intention behind creating this blog is to share the knowledge I’ve gained through-out my journey in order to help you in yours. Through my experience I’ve come to learn that most people equate health to dieting with the hopes of obtaining a desired body goal when in turn it is so much more. Although your diet is essential to your health, diet is more than just calorie counting in order to fit into a smaller size. Health is a lifestyle and diet isn’t limited only to what you eat. Diet is everything we consume. From the foods that you put into your body, to the music you listen to, even the movies you watch. Diet is a concoction of everything we consume, all the information you take in on a daily basis. Your subconscious mind picks up on all of this. It’s impossible to control every aspect of our lives. However, we can practice mindfulness and proceed with intention in what we choose to consume. My goal is to provide you with informative articles and recipes on nutrient rich foods that are great for our bodies and workout + fitness tips that you can implement into your lifestyle. I also touch upon the topics of spirituality, travel, lifestyle, and thoughts pieces that are worthy of our attention.

What I Write About

  • Nutrition: Food is the ultimate connecting factor. No matter your background, the experiences you’ve had, your religious beliefs, or your political ideologies, food is a basic human need that must be met for our survival. Everyone’s gotta eat, making food the ultimate connecting factor. It’s always satisfying to indulge in our favorite foods, that doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy or at least healthy-ish. “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”. Stick around to learn more about how the foods you consume help operate your body. I also share healthy-ish recipes for you to indulge in and on occasion I like to share fun recipes for your furry friend as well.

  • Fitness: No matter your level of expertise, the workouts I share will help you excel in your fitness journey. Moving your body is essential for good health which is why I share fitness tips that you’re able to implement them into your training routine. I share which movements are most effective for getting the energy flowing within your body. Lets get fit together!

  • Travel: I have a serious case of wanderlust so I thought, why not share my nomadic experiences with you all. Traveling is a beautiful way to explore the beauty of this Earth, learn about different cultures, and connect with new amazing people! Join me and live vicariously through my blogs 🙂

  • Spirituality: Everyone believes in something. Whether it be God, Allah, the Universe, or in yourself. I share a bit about my experiences on how spirituality brought me into alignment with one of the most undervalued things in this world, peace. To me, spirituality, is about exploring your own depths. To get to know your driving factors, to question the foundation of your beliefs in order to decipher whether or not they’re yours or simply programming at the hands of your loved ones or society. Spirituality is about getting in tune with yourself and aligning to the vibrational frequency of love, because if there was a little more love in this world there would also be less violence and more peace. 

  • Lifestyle: Tips and tricks for your self-care routine can be found under this category. From building discipline to tips on how to become a more confident individual. The lifestyle category on my blog is where I explore my perception on certain topics such as beauty, aesthetics, self-improvement, fashion, and self love.

  • Thought Pieces: Every conscious human has a brain, and each brain is attached to an individual that has had a certain set of experiences in life. Multiple individuals can have the same experiences externally, and have completely different perception on the experience internally because each individual is unique onto himself which is why each person has their own way of viewing how this world operates. I share my perception on a wide range of topics that peak my interest including but not limited to gardening, global human rights issues, climate change, and fun tips and tricks for self- care. Really anything that sparks my interest 🙂