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Everything is Meaningless

Life… Has no meaning. It is merely what you make of it. The happening is just that….. Happening. It is a mere result of existence. It is a fact. Given that we have not completely proven that this may all be a simulated reality. Your experiences, feelings, and the events occurring within your life cannot be labeled as anything other than the truth as it is in fact happening. Existence is a fact, the happening is a result of existence. The unfolding actions in our day to day lives are nothing more than a concoction of cause and effects pigmenting our perceived reality. Outside of what value we attach to these unfolding actions, these cause and effects are simply facts. Just happening. However, it is within human nature to attach ourselves to these happenings and view them through the lens of our personal experiences; which is why we are continuously operating and perpetuating a self fulfilling prophecy through these happenings. Everything is nothingness, that is.. Until you attach value, meaning, emotion… life. The nothingness, the action, the cause and effect that we are continuously experiencing within our existence.. It becomes everything when we make it so. Every minute, every second, of everyday we make it so. We create everything out of nothingness with every breath… With every thought… With every emotion. This is done through the lightness of our existence. With every experience and with the value we attach to said person, thing, place, thought, or emotion. We turn nothingness into everything, every second of everyday without consciously being aware of it all the time. This is the power behind your existence.

Our habits are formed through our subconscious beliefs

A belief is a thought pattern
And a thought pattern is simply a thought that you keep thinking over and over and over again

Our habits become our lifestyle
Everything is habitual
Until it eventually becomes a ritual

Your beliefs and thoughts are simply energy so it is important that you get to know yours

“You want to get to know the most deep intimate ugly parts of someone yet you run away from your own”

Get to know thyself and question your beliefs so that you don’t project onto others. Get to know what you attach value to. What brings you purpose. Find your own meaning behind the meaningless existence that is the happening. Escape the void by finding the intrinsic value of life.

Intention behind this post is to influence the readers to question their beliefs and come into the awareness of where they place value in life. This will have a positive influence in the collective consciousness as the action of one individual has an affect on another. Gandhi once said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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  • Meg

    It’s as if you read my mind; you seem to know so much about this that it’s as if you wrote the book in it or something. Although I believe a few images would help to drive home the point a bit more, this is an outstanding site. I will definitely be back.

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