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Cultivating Inner Peace Within A World of Chaos

In the snap of a finger, life can easily get very fast paced and overwhelming. The work life structure that has been instilled within most of us can sometimes lead us to obsessively work ourselves to oblivion… or worse, burn-out. It is because of this that maintaining a balanced level of inner peace is just as much a priority as your career, family, and time for fun. Without taking time to go within and re-calibrate your energy, you risk inner- chaos. In taking time to care for yourself you also in the same take care of others.

We go on about our lives experiencing an overwhelming need to get things done, like a car being used, always in motion. A never ending thirst for productivity in the name of getting things done. A thirst that’s never quit satiated. Why is this? Perhaps because there will always be more to pile onto the list. It is quite literally never ending. There will always be things that need to get done, yet you can’t keep going if you’re running on no fuel. This is why it is important to take time to perform “maintenance” on the vehicle that is your body.

If you own a car, wouldn’t you make sure to take care of it? Given that the car brings value to your life. The car allows you to get from point A to point B. It is because of your vehicle that you’re able to commute to work, school, to hang out with your friends. Therefore, instinctively, you feel responsible for the maintenance so that it can operate seamlessly and efficiently. Why else would you fuel your car with gas, get oil changes, replace the tires when they’re worn out, or take it to the mechanic when that annoying little warning light appears on the dash. Is it just for the sake of it? Could it be because you enjoy spending your hard earned money? No, it is as simple as day and night. You take care of your car because it is not beneficial not to. If you stopped taking care of your vehicle, what would be the result? No gas? No commute. No maintenance? The quicker the car deteriorates.

We are like vehicles in this way. Your body, your mental, is what brings the most value to your life as without it you would simply cease to be. You must take time to care for yourself in the same way you would your car. Without taking time to go within to re-calibrate your energy, you risk inner- chaos, and nobody wants that. All the people you interact with daily are impacted by your state of being. Caring for yourself is an act of love that benefits yourself along with everyone that is actively in your life.

Regardless of how small the interaction, we all have the power to make an impact in another persons life. In taking time to care for yourself you also in the same take care of others. Think about it for a minute. In taking care of your needs and sitting down with your intrusive thoughts, you allow yourself to process any energy that has been burdening you. In doing this, the intrusive subconscious thoughts that were surfacing go quiet leading to more mental clarity. In obtaining more mental clarity, you then have more energy to tackle on your responsibilities along with being able to help those who need it. You can’t pour into another persons cup, if yours is empty. Then it is imperative to take time to restore your state of being. Each individual is unique onto themselves and so we all have different methods of achieving this.

How does one cultivate inner peace within a world of chaos then? Well, that’s all up to you. It is in the same way that you are breathing without consciously being aware of every single breath you take. You allow your body to get in a state of rest and allow any thoughts to simply pass through. You participate in the act of consciously allowing any emotions you’ve been actively attempting to distract yourself from and just letting them flow through. You feel through these emotions and become the observer through this process. You honor the surfacing emotions while recognizing that you are more than just a sum of your emotions and past experiences. You are an amazing creator. Do you doubt this? Are you aware of the immensity of your existence? You have curated the life that you go on about living on a daily basis. That’s amazing within itself. If you don’t like the life you are currently living, you have the power to change your circumstances. It all starts within, but it’s not until you’re able to balance your energy that you can achieve this.

Listen to your body, listen to that inner guide because it already knows what it needs and then take aligned action. Are you feeling burnt out? Then you know that you need to rest. Take a pause, the world can wait. Cater to your inner self. Are you feeling angry? if so, allow yourself to indulge in your thoughts to further gain knowledge as to why you feel angry. Where is it stemming from? It is not until you go within and get to know yourself on a deeper level that your can cultivate inner peace. Nurture and care for yourself the way you would a friend or lover. Inner peace is found when intuition and aligned action meet. You know the steps you need to take in order to cultivate inner peace. There is no guide book and this blog post is simply a reminder that the power is held within you. Allow yourself to detach from the chaos of everyday life so you can go within and foster some sweet delicious inner peace, you deserve it. ♡

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