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The Magic Of Gratitude

Gratitude is when you have an intense spark of appreciation. An immense thankfulness for the good, the great, and for the silver lining in absolutely everything. When practicing gratitude, you allow your focus to shift to the beauty in your life. When you focus on the beauty in all things your life has to offer, you have significantly less time to focus on the perceived “bad” in your life. As the saying goes:

“Where focus goes, energy flows”

– Tony Robbins

A Paradigm Shift To A Happier Life

Gratitude is an amazing emotion that can seriously help you excel in every aspect of your life. That is if you let it, after all you’re the one in control. You are the master puppeteer of your reality, pulling on the strings of your emotions. The more you pull on that string, the easier it becomes to master those emotions. Shifting into a state of gratitude then, is simply… working a mental muscle. Now, how do you go about working this mental muscle? Simple. There are several ways one can go about this. At the very baseline, the first step is to shift your focus towards the good things that happen in your life. As small as it may be. Really ruminate over how that good thing makes you feel. As you allow your focus to shift, the energy of gratitude will begin to expand. If you keep repeating this, gratefulness will quickly become a state of being for you.

“Everything in life is about vibration”

– Albert Einstein

My Perspective

It’s not a matter of being overly positive but more so utilizing the quantum physics theory and applying it to your mind to shift into a more positive state of being. We are vibrational beings at our core, at least on a molecular level. Everything is composed of atoms. Atoms are always in a state of constant motion. Quantum physics teaches us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transmuted.

Everything in the Universe has particle • and wave ~ nature synchronically. Think of this, Atoms are the reason for our existence as they create our physical reality. Given that Atoms are an important component of matter. Then, the frequency in which these protons, electrons, and neutrons vibrate can reveal to us where we’re at on a vibrational scale. Given that we’re constantly emitting these vibrational signals whenever we have a thought, emotion, or simply when we breathe, then perhaps we are attracting experiences based off of our vibrational frequency.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. “

– Nikola Tesla

Think of it like this, when you’re browsing the web, sites usually read your cookies. These cookies collect information on you and eventually this information makes it way back into your smartphone through the form of endless advertisements. Well, life works in the same way. The thoughts you have or choose to entertain begin to become a reality the more you focus on them.

In simple terms, you will always attract that which is a vibrational match to your current vibrational state. However, that vibrational state is ever-changing. If you’re operating from a place of gratitude, you will attract more to be grateful for. Whereas, if you’re a chronic complainer, you will constantly attract more to complain over.

Science behind Gratitude

Repeated gratitude practices, change the way that your brain circuits work. A regular gratitude practice leads to an increase in positive emotions along with motivation, all whilst decreasing emotions of fear and anxiety. This is due to the neuro chemicals, serotonin and dopamine being released in the brain. These two powerful chemicals are responsible for an increase in feel good feelings and mood stabilization. In other words, gratitude basically makes life feel like you’re running on a natural high.

Energy is constantly changing. This is where quantum physics can be used to your advantage. If you’re in a position of experiencing an unpleasant mental state, shift your focus towards anything that makes you feel good. Although energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can be transmuted. Anything that makes you feel a semblance of gratitude can help you build more on that energy. You can go about this by affirming and verbally stating aloud what you are feeling grateful for. Gratitude breeds abundance. The more you shift your perspective towards gratitude, the more things begin to populate in your life to be grateful for. You are the creator of your reality as your subconscious beliefs acts as the blueprint to what you bring into fruition in your life. Re-wiring the subconscious to operate through the lens of gratitude can help you create from a place of confidence and love.

The Mirror Of Our Existence

That which is within will also reflect into physical existence without. When you shift your focus on the good things in your life, no matter how small, you make way for more good things to come to you. This is because you attract what you believe to be true on a subconscious level. When you tell yourself that you are blessed, that you are a naturally lucky individual, you align yourself more and more to that reality. You will begin to subconsciously make decisions that will align you to that energy.

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.”

– Lao Tzu

The change starts within. So when you are able to conquer and re program the way your subconscious mind operates and attune yourself to thoughts of gratitude, you are shifting paradigms. You can’t lose if you see everything as either a blessing or a lesson. And that’s the thing about gratitude, no matter what the experience, there’s always something you can be grateful for.

In honor of national gratitude month, I challenge you to start a gratitude practice. Before going to sleep or after waking, list three things you’re genuinely grateful for make this a part of your daily habits and you’ll experience first hand, The Magic of Gratitude.

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